We believe that access to sports equipment is a fundamental right that every kid in the world deserves,
no matter the situation.


There are more than 60 million refugees in the world right now. It’s truly a crisis of global proportions.

Fortunately, several aid organizations are working tirelessly to make sure that the refugee camps around the world are capable of providing enough food, water, and basic shelter so that the people who must live in these camps can survive. 

Of course, the emphasis here is on immediate survival, with hope that a better situation can be developed. Unfortunately, refugee camps originally meant to be a temporary solution, often become much more permanent destinations for millions of men women and children. So there comes a point where we have to expand our idea of what survival means over a longer period of time. 

And when it comes to the 51% of refugees who are children, the ability to play is absolutely critical to their survival.


That's why we developed PlayPallets, the world’s first completely self-contained play equipment shipping pallet.


The revolutionary patent-pending design and construction make it possible to very easily break down and reassemble PlayPallets into sturdy play equipment without any additional parts or compromising its ability to transport supplies to regions in need.